Cotswold Brew Co is one of the oldest independent lager microbreweries in the UK, having now entered our 15th year of brewing.

We currently have one of the most diverse portfolio of lagers in the UK, which includes six regularly brewed styles alongside regular seasonals – all distinctly different in character. We brew the popular styles, but we also love to introduce people to something more obscure and really emphasise the 'lagering' process. With our highly experienced brewing team who have been consistently brewing these exceptional beers over time, we believe we are playing a leading role in helping the UK become established as a great lager brewing nation in its own right.

With our range, we want to take you through the spectrum – low ABV, Pilsner, Helles, Dortmunder, Doppelbock, Märzen, filtered, unfiltered, long-matured, light and full-bodied – each with their intricate Cotswold Brew Co twists. We brew all this lager because we love it and we want to give people the choice they’ve never had before. There’s so much more to explore through the ‘lagering’ process, which we have found can add complexity, depth and balance to a lot of our seasonal brews, and not just the ‘clean’ and ‘crisp’ character that is often associated with the style.


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